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We're bloody delighted to announce that on March 31st we will be releasing our 4th album 'Promise Lands'. Our new label home is Goldhawk Recordings a new label formed by long time compadre Mr Toby Holdsworth. Goldhawk is funded in association with Cooking Vinyl Ltd.

The album consists of 10 tracks on the physical CD plus an additional 3 tracks on the digital exclusive which can be found on iTunes.
Promise Lands album cover Tracklisting

1 - Clear
2 - Burning Embers
3 - Just Like Skin
4 - Don't Let Love In
5 - Flame
6 - When The Song Is Over
7 - Dead Sea
8 - Nothing Stays The Same
9 - Farmer's Tale
10 - Hope And Reason
The additional digital exclusive tracks are
- Feathered Word
- Silk And Steel
- Climb

The album was produced by Mr Dan Roe and our own Mr Darren Ford. It was mixed by Mr Gareth Parton and mastered by Lowgold legend Mr Tony Lash.

The artwork (as always with us) is rather lovely. The delightful chap who has put it all together in Mr Richard Bull from Yacht Associates. We owe him enormously and bestow much love and gratitude on him. He is a Lowgold legend.The cover photo was paper help taken Rick Guest. Again we thank him for his help and understanding. The city in the photo is Caracas, Venezuela. Our band photos were taken by a glorious Swedish prince called Jon Bergman.
Promise Lands is dedicated to the memory of Lowgold legend, Mr Martin Gilks.